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 Ello for Zeme ;)

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PostSubject: Ello for Zeme ;)   Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:33 pm

Hey all Smile I quit assault cube and am happy quitting, but I still havn't forgotten you guys. I'm not active on these forums anymore, cause my ultimate goal is to get off the computer all together and get outside more, I don't want my life dominated by computers. But you guys are still awesome and some of the most awesome people I've met on the internet. Right now I play...

Counter Strike ~ surfing
Redwar (
Three Kingdoms (another uforia game)

Surfing is where they have sloped blocks on counter strike, and you kinda use physics to wrok your way around grinding on these sloped blocks. 20 or so people will join the servers and you shoot em to level up your speed and health and invisiblity and what-not, very fun and feels like assault cube because of the speed Smile

Redwar is very addicting, feels like diablo 2 except free, lots of drama between the 2 guilds. The GM is very active and easy to communicate with so you have a dirrect say in what goes on in the game, I like it a lot except grinding for levels becomes tough.

Three Kingdoms is kinda a shitty game, feels like... A cheap ripoff of WoW kinda, free again... but if you want to be the best you *must* not be a virgin to the cash shop which I hate in games. I havn't gotten far into it, dunno how you upgrade items or whatnot, also the community isn't very friendly, but meh everyone says it gets better so I'll wait and see. Besides that you run around on horses and shoot shit with a bow.

So... What are you guys up to? :O I applyed once again to be un-blacklisted from BC servers but quickly discovered the reason why I originally quit this game, and quit again from there. So no, I'm not coming back, fuck my bucketlist and fuck certain individuals who dominate AC. I havn't discarded my passion for making maps though, I make maps using a editer called "Hammer" for counterstrike, I havn't actually *Made* a map yet, but I'm fiddling around with the *idea* of making one xD I know how, it's just the editor doesn't seem to go in my favor most of the time. It's fun because there's no restrictions on what you can make, but it's not fun because it isn't simple. For example, if you wanted a floating island, you click drag hit enter... For assaultcube if you want a floating island you gotta do /newent mapmodel 57 # # a bunch of times until you make it, and it causes lag. The lag limits just *Kill* me in AC, counter strike nobody seems to lag and voice communication is awesome Smile

I'm rambling too much, love you all!

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Age : 32
Location : Virginia/usa

PostSubject: Re: Ello for Zeme ;)   Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:04 am

lol if steam would let me resume downloads so i can update counter strike i'd play with ya lol ....i got cs 1.6 non steam tho...but i got a new version of it now and it lags all the settings are for high speed internet or somethin : / but ya sucks that your quiting ....o wait i lost my cd key for counter strike that's right....couldn't update counter strike source witch really sux i like it better....maybe i'll buy a new copy of counterstrike Smile so i can kill yo ass lol. but anywayz cya around ^_^
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Ello for Zeme ;)
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